Interlaken started its activities in 1951, manufacturing metallurgical products for different areas within the sector. Since the 70's, it has been specializing in the manufacturing of products for gas appliances, with only one commitment: to grow day by day.

This has been possible thanks to the effort of men and women that are part of the company. They understand that their most valuable tool is knowledge and, in that way, the have consolidated its position in the market.

Interlaken is synonymous of quality, technology and safety; and its main goal is to improve continuously, adapting itself to the new challenges imposed by the market.

We bet on the future, investing in technology and human resources training, as a sustainable tool for competitiveness.

All our products are based on one milestone: Quality With Future Vision.

To assure the evolution of our products satisfying the sector needs. To generate a work source for our collaborators. To increase Argentinian Industry's reputation al over the world. To continue in responsible terms for our partners. All the above mentioned, also bearing in mind the care for the environment that hosts all of us.
We guarantee development, production and marketing of internationally competitive products, generating safe, good-quality and innovating solutions to supply household devices needs.